HLP Leadership Course

This course forms part of the requirements for being a Level 1 Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP).

Cost* £69.50 + VAT including assessment fee.  For a pharmacy whose LPC is live with VirtualOutcomes, this is offered at  £64.50 + VAT including assessment.

£69.50 + VAT including assessment fee

£64.50 + VAT including assessment fee

My LPC is live with VirtualOutcomes

The HLP criteria state that a pharmacy requires a clear leader within the team who is responsible for creating an ethos of proactive health and wellbeing within the pharmacy. The leader encourages each member of the team to best use their skills and, creates an environment that supports and mentors team members to deliver this vision. This course supports anybody who wants to improve their leadership skills.

Course Overview

This course helps you as the leader to understand the role that you and the rest of the pharmacy team can play in promoting health and wellbeing to all your patients and customers. It will also cover the background of HLPs and why they are so important to the NHS Long term plan, as well as looking at specific areas of the Royal Pharmaceutical Societies Leadership Development Framework and the NHS Leadership Academy’s Healthcare Framework  with specific examples of how they apply to an HLP as well as practical hints and tips on how you can use them in practice.

Course Content

The course is divided into 4 modules which we suggest you work through in order.

The 4 modules will cover the following leadership behaviours

·      Inspiring a shared purpose
·      Sharing the vision
.      Engaging the team
·      Developing a shared vision
·      Influencing for results

The course also has an introductory module telling people about the course

Assessment Process

At the end of the course, there are a series of multiple choice questions to answer.

VirtualOutcomes will review completion of the course and the CPD questions and will award Certificates of Achievement to those reaching the required standard.  These certificates can be used as evidence in the pharmacy’s HLP portfolio.

The course is designed to be completed online at the convenience of the candidate and can be accessed via tablet, computer, laptop or mobile device. Some parts will need to be printed as there are exercises to do along the way, but the candidate can work through at their own pace with no time limit.

Who is it suitable for?

This course is suitable for the leader in the pharmacy or as part of an individual s personal development plan..

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* Prices updated 5th January 2024