Quality Payment Scheme

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The Government has released details of the 2019 Quality Payment Scheme (QPS) pharmacy funding package worth at least £3,200 (100 points) to each community pharmacy in England.  The declaration point is Friday 15th February 2019 with the window open from Monday 4th February 2019 to Friday 1st March 2019.

The VirtualOutcomes training is FREE of charge to all pharmacies based in LPCs who have signed up to receive the materials.

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The online training course will take the whole team through all components of this years QPS Scheme to ensure you are best placed to claim for 100 points.  The course is broken down into two parts:

  • Introduction and Gateway Criteria
  • Quality Criteria

How do I access the course?

All courses are FREE to pharmacies in LPCs that have signed up to VirtualOutcomes.  To check if you can access the course, click here and enter your F Code in to the search box.  This will bring up a list of courses available to your pharmacy.  If you can’t see the course listed, click here to contact us.

VirtualOutcomes QPS Training


Do I get a certificate?

All courses come with a series of CPD Questions to test the teams understanding, which if answered correctly allows you to print off a certificate.  These certificates can be used to demonstrate ongoing training to the GPhC.

Helpful resources

Every VirtualOutcomes course comes with a set of useful online resources for you to access.  These could include free to download or order leaflets, posters.

This course also includes links to all the relevant websites for QPS.

Gateway Criteria

There are FIVE gateway criteria that must be met to obtain payment.  These are:

  • Provision of at least one Advanced Service
  • Have their NHS.uk entry up to date
  • Completed and published their latest CPPQ results on their NHS.uk webpage
  • Ability for staff to send and receive NHS Mail from their shared NHSMail accounts with at least two live linked accounts
  • Compliance with the NHS WES standards

Quality Criteria

  • Patient Safety – 60 points

    • Annual Patient Safety report including information about Look Alike, Sound Alike drugs – 20 points
    • Risk Management assessment complete and 80% of registered professionals completed the CPPE Risk Management training and  – 20 points
    • NSAID Audit for over 65’s – 20 points
  • Clinical Effectiveness – 20 points

    • Review all uncontrolled asthmatics and refer to a healthcare professional where required
    • Review all 5-15 years olds to ensure they have a spacer device and a personalised Asthma Action Plan
  • Health Living Pharmacy – 15 points

    • Achieve HLP status
    • At least 80% of customer facing staff to have completed the CPPE Oral Health training
  • Directory of Services – 2.5 points

    • Ensure the DoS entry for the pharmacy is up to date
  • Workforce – 2.5 points

    • At least 80% of the team trained Dementia Friend’s
  • * – Courses are free to pharmacy contractors in areas where the Local Pharmaceutical Committee have purchased a licence