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atrial fibrillation

Atrial Fibrillation Detection, Symptoms and Treatment

In an earlier article, we discussed hypertension and the role of pharmacies in performing blood pressure checks. Following on from the NHS blood pressure checks service is atrial fibrillation detection. Here, we look at what atrial fibrillation is, some of the common symptoms, its causes and when a patient needs to see a GP for… Read more »

Self-Care For Low Acuity Conditions

Self-Care for Low Acuity Conditions of the Ear, Nose and Throat

It is possible for patients to practise self-care for low acuity conditions, especially since approximately 80% of all care in the UK is self-care. At VirtualOutcomes, we strongly advise medical professionals to promote the benefits of self-care to the community they serve. GPs and community pharmacies should place the highest priority on providing the best… Read more »


Hypertension: The NHS Blood Pressure Checks Service

The NHS commissioned a new advanced service, the Hypertension case-finding service on 1st October 2021. This followed a pilot programme by NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) in 2020 where community pharmacies offered blood pressure checks to people 40 years and older. The plan was to pilot case findings for undiagnosed cardiovascular disease since it… Read more »

Steroid Emergency Card

The New NHS Steroid Emergency Card

To support the early recognition and treatment of adrenal crisis in adults, NHS England and NHS Improvement’s national patient safety team have issued a National Patient Safety Alert. Supported by the Royal College of General Practitioners, the Royal College of Physicians and the Society for Endocrinology, here is everything you need to know about the… Read more »

C19 Lateral Flow Device Distribution Service UK

C19 Lateral Flow Device Distribution Service

The C19 Lateral Flow Device Distribution Service or LFD Distribution Service is a new advanced service that is available to community pharmacies. The service enables NHSE&I to distribute COVID-19 Lateral flow test kits to pharmacies to allow asymptomatic people to identify positive cases within the community and to break the chain of transmission.  All pharmacies… Read more »

Discharge Medicines Service

Discharge Medicines Service Within The CPCF

The NHS Discharge Medicines Service is a new essential service for community pharmacies that commenced on 15 February 2021. All community pharmacy contractors must ensure that relevant staff, including pharmacists including Locums and pharmacy technicians, have the necessary knowledge and competence to undertake it safely.

Community Pharmacist Consultation Service - GP Referrals

Community Pharmacist Consultation Service And GP Referrals Is Now Live

In October last year, the government implemented a new NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service following a successful pilot programme in several areas across the UK. Now, after the September 2020 meeting, there have been a few changes. The PSNC agreed to proposals to implement the general practice referrals service into the CPCS this autumn and… Read more »

Pharmacy Quality Scheme Part Two

Pharmacy Quality Scheme Part Two Overview

A few weeks ago we covered the first part of the 2020/2021 Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) which they announced on 13 July 2020. Whilst the primary focus of part one was preparing for and protection against Covid-19, the Pharmacy Quality Scheme part two also looks at the response and recovery from the pandemic.

Spotting The Signs Of Meningitis

Meningitis is a rare, but serious illness that affects the membranes, also known as meninges, which cover the brain and spinal cord. You or your children can be infected as it can spread from person to person. Those most at risk are babies, elderly people and anyone with a compromised immune system. It’s not easy… Read more »